Narrativas Digitales Interactivas

Telenoika Audiovisual Open Creative Community

[Barcelona, 2017]

Content production for in interactive systems. Theory about modular narratives, practice with authoring tools for the development of web-documentaries, case studies analysis about geolocated performances. 

Del Concepto al Diagrama

Geoartivismo – medios locativos, artes digitales, acción social

[Barcelona, 2017]

Session of prototyping of projects with different work dynamics to problematize the proposes from a conceptual level to its social incision, in order to obtain a solid and comprehensive design that responds to each of the issues addressed during the process


Composição e Arte Contemporânea 

State University of the Western Center of Paraná

[Guarapuava, 2010]

Theory and practice about the use of technology in the artistic context; video aesthetics changes, interferences; mobile media and the production and sharing of images and contents.


Meta-mídia: ações colaborativas em tecnologia de baixo custo

Felco – Festival Latinoamericano da Classe Obreira.

[Belo Horizonte, 2009]

Discussions about technology and medium, focusing in open operative systems and in the recent context of new ways of organization. 



Artes Mídia em Código Aberto

Núcleo de Produção Audiovisual, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia – UFU

[Uberlândia, 2009]

Video editing practices using free software. 



WebTV Preto Velho

Sesc Pompéia, Virada Cultural

[São Paulo, 2007]

Video editing practices with open source software to generate content to be published on a webtv based on an interactive mobile interface.

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