Vanessa Santos


Vanessa Santos is a digital media artists and researcher. She is PhD in Communication with the thesis “Designing Mobile Narratives: Discursive Strategies and Participation Modes in Locative Media Arts”, qualified with an excellent cum laude. She is Journalist (2002) and also holds a Master degree in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media (2011) and a Master degree in Communication/ Image and Sound (2006).  Her expertise and interests are in audiovisual narratives, interactive systems, locative media and mobile applications.

She had been collaborating as a research assistant from SPECS, in an European Commission FP7 funded project entitled “CEEDS“, on the development of  an augmented reality application to spatialize and geolocate the database of Bergen-Belsen Memorial about the Holocaust. The project was conceived through the combination of basic science research, technology innovation and high impact user methods. As a researcher, Vanessa had also worked in Cultura Digital, supported by the United Nations Development Program and Government of Brazil/Ministry of Culture. The technology inclusion project was based on multimedia creation, open source softwares and socio-cultural networks.

In addition, Vanessa works involve interactive art experiences and documentary film. During her career, she had been teaching for young people and minorities groups, experimenting new educational models for teaching audiovisual and digital media in the context of social projects.

In 2014, Vanessa integrated Hangar research line on Locative Media, in an artistic residence in which she develop a geolocated performance with gameplay called Chronica Mobilis. At the same year, she spend three months collaborating with the British group Blast Theory.  

In 2016, Vanessa have been teaching Webdocumentary and Transmedia Narratives in a Posgrade Course in Documentary.