Chronica Mobilis


Chronica Mobilis is an intermedial performance that adopts a collaborative multiplayer game dynamics to convert some audience members into “performative spectators”, or more precisely, into storytellers. The locative narrative happens simultaneously within an exhibition space and on the streets of the city. The audience can assume different roles: play online, play from the urban space, or watch the presentation, either in the exhibition room or from the Internet.

The artwork uses strategies and technologies of digital mapping, tracing and tracking geographical displacements of participants in the urban space, to propose a narrative experience based on the physical exploration of Poblenou neighborhood, in the city of Barcelona. The artwork has an embedded fictional story that establishes a dialogue with the space that geolocates it.  The geographical environment of Poblenou district, its architecture, History and social life, become an extension of the narrative. Chronica Mobilis is a situated experience about gentrification, a global phenomenon and relevant topic on the research agenda of contemporary cities.

The performance converts the city into a diegetic space, adopts the physical navigation as interaction model, and employs mobile and geospatial media.

The project integrates research and artistic practice on the development of this interactive performance, collaboratively implemented, and influenced, by the knowledge and ideas brought by the interdisciplinary team that joined the project over time. Artists and researchers, mostly from Brazil and Spain, worked remotely and during a six-week artist residence at Hangar – Center for the production and research of visual arts, in Barcelona.


Date: 25/10/2014

Place: Barcelona – Spain

Web: Chronica Mobilis