Artes Midia em Código Aberto


“Artes Mídia em Código Aberto” project had the purpose of using technological tools and media in a democratic way, to promote multiple opportunities for interaction and enjoyment, for the use of electronic elements in favor of art, and for the spread of free culture principles. The program centered on the research in media arts through three phases: training (courses and workshops), diffusion (videoclub) and publish yourself (creating jobs and produced shows).

Supported by the Program of University Extension and Culture (Culture PROEXT), the project involved students of various courses at the Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU), teachers and community members. They collaboratively produced multimedia works (videos, sounds, and objects) with open source software, supported by the technical guidance and the proposals for artistic and social innovation posed by the group “Coletivo Estilingue”. The artists Vanessa Santos, Gastão Frotta, Carlos Henrique Paulino, Braulio Brito, Silvia Amélia, conducted the artistic residence, which culminated in a collective exhibition presented at the University Art Museum (MUNA) in Uberlândia.


What: artistic residence, audiovisual workshop, curator. 

When: 07/2009

Where: Uberlândia, Brasil.

Site: MUnA