Geada research group investigated ways of building musical instruments and audiovisual control procedures that mix carpentry and luthiery with computer science and electronics. The craft-based open electronic hardware projects employed open source programming environments, such as Arduino and Pure Data. Between “computambores”, “videomisturadores”, “gambisticks”, the digital audio-visual experiments resulted in musical-instruments, not conditioned to industrial production but on a redeeming of the free tactile aspect.

The project invested in a teaching that stimulates interest in computer languages and electronic circuits as poetic languages, bringing the tactile playfulness vision of the contemporary world about free software and hardware, code and design of open circuits. The experiments performed by the group, Vanessa Santos, Guilherme Soares, Carlos Henrique Paulino, Simone Cota, Lucio Araújo, foster a learning methodology for educational processes based on technological innovation and artistic creativity. The artists documented the research on materials such as video and textbooks, and tutorials of electronic prototypes, let available on the Internet. The documentation unveils the creative and technological procedures taken on the experimentation processes.


What: video production, documentation, and tutorials.

When: 2007.

Where: Curitiba, Brazil.

Site: Geada


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