Rede Juventude de Atitude em Minas


Rede Juventude de Atitude project, from Associação Imagem Comunitária -AIC, deploys a network of youth participatory media production in communities of social vulnerability of Minas Gerais state.The program invested in the appreciation of culture and art as forms of expression, strengthening creative networks in low-income communities often stigmatized by being associated only with low levels of human development and the high rates of violence.

The mobilization and training actions in audiovisual and community communication resulted in a series of documentaries that give visibility to some youth groups and their issues. The films, produced collaboratively, covered topics such as cultural heritage, environment, race, dance, sexuality. The youth groups appropriated from the audiovisual language actively participating in the production stages. The project activities were in Belo Horizonte, Lapinha, Bichinho, Jequitinhonha.


Date: 2007/2008

Place: Minas Gerais, Brasil.

Site: AIC


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